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Speech Reflection !

What part did I enjoy ;

I enjoyed the way my literacy class had focused on what my speech was about . Another thing I enjoyed was getting many different compliments from friends about my speech !

When was I feeling nervous ;

At first I was nervous but I still had faith in myself and overcame my fear of saying my speech in front of my classmates .

Overall Reflection of my experience doing a speech ;

My favourite reflection from saying my speech was , just getting it over and done with . I think I did well and so does my friends , I’ll slowly carry on / practising my speech off by heart .


My Speech – Literacy

Should schools have longer breaks ?

Have you been working at school all day and wanted a break but only got 20- 30 mins ? Well today I will be talking about why students should have longer breaks and why it is very important. As someone who has been through school, I believe lunch breaks are often rushed and stressful. With only a short amount of time to eat, students are forced to quickly eat their food and rush back to class, leaving them feeling unsatisfied and distracted. This is why I believe that school lunch breaks should be longer.

Having longer breaks helps students learn better and can clear their minds for a better understanding in the next class. Recess helps kids relax , physical education helps to release frustration and anxiety. It  plays a very important role in improving mental health by providing physical activities, time with friends and a mental break. 

How does having longer lunches help?

Longer lunches help refresh our brains more. If you’re focused on tasks all day while sitting at your desk while looking at your screen, it can be beneficial to spend time outdoors. The fresh air can boost your energy levels and clear your mind. Even sitting outside while you eat or going for a walk around school. It helps because we can get fresh air, exercise, and get our blood flowing.  This can also help provide energy and nutrients to keep the body and brain working efficiently through the afternoon which is good to help throughout the day, doing school work.

 Plus, longer lunch periods would give us a break from all the stress and pressure from school. We could relax and recharge for the rest of the day and that would probably make us more productive in class too. Longer lunch breaks give us more time and less stress to limit how fast we eat. Instead of having to eat quickly, having longer lunch breaks gives us less chance of choking or not being able to digest our food properly. Short lunch breaks also encourage kids to eat quickly. Eating quickly is unhealthy. Kids feel rushed and either eat more than they should or don’t eat enough. I think if we had longer lunch periods, we could actually enjoy our food and have time to socialize with our peers. We need time to bond with our friends and form relationships with our classmates.

In conclusion, longer school lunch breaks would be a win-win for everyone involved. Students would have more time to relax, take time when eating nutritious meals, and participate in many different activities, while teachers would have more time to prepare for their lessons and take a break themselves. I urge schools to consider extending lunch breaks for the benefit of everyone involved.

Notetaking – Sports !

Basketball, American Football, and Baseball are the most popular sports in North America. The NBA is the most played sport in America, it’s also starting to be popular to the rest of the world. The most iconic, well known NBA players are Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Michael Jordan. American Football was introduced in the mid 1960s, it takes the crown when it comes to popularity and is the most watched sport. 40-60 million people used to watch American football back in the 1960s, but now there’s more than 121 million viewers watching it today. Back in 1989 baseball used to be the 2nd most played sport. 50% of North America used to watch baseball, but back in the days around 1900 and 1920, 1 million watched it.

Sri Lanka – Reserach Task ( Literacy )

Task Description ;

Today I completed my task about Sri Lanka . We are learning to Research about anything that we don’t know about . I learnt that Sri Lanka has a huge population of 22.16 million people ( WOWWW ) . I hope you learnt or enjoyed something about Sri Lanka , stay tuned !

Informational Report Structure !

Informational Report – Hippopotamus

Introduction ;
Hippopotamuses are mammals, water and land animals. They have a herbivorous diet. They stay in herds and have one male leader. East African countries have some protected areas for hippos. 
Body para 1 ;
The third largest land animal on earth and native to Africa, the Hippopotamus. This mammal lives on water and land, they live in South Sarahan, Africa. They can stay underwater for five minutes. Hippos are mostly herbivorous and eat grass (about 35 kilograms) and fruits. Hippos have a large body, short legs, short tali, and a huge head. Hippos weigh 1,400kg – 4,500kg and their height is 10.8 and 16.5 feet. 
Body para 2 ;
Hippos are in groups with 10 – 30 individuals in it. It is called a herd or bloat. The leader of the herd is a dominant male leader. The rest are females with their younger hippos. Female hippos (who are called cows) give birth to baby hippos and gather up with other cows to protect their babies. They protect their babies and fight off the predators by splashing water and using their massive size as their advantage. 
Body para 3 ;
These hippos are not endangered yet but exposed to extinction. 115,000 – 130,000 hippos are still living in the wild. Due to their habitat loss and hunting, their population went down. Luckily the laws have been restricted and this helped the hippopotamus population.  They also live in protected areas in East African countries. 
Conclusion ;
Hippos aren’t endangered yet but vulnerable to extinction. 115,00 – 130,000 common hippos remain in the wild.  Due to habitat loss and hunting their population went down but since laws have been restricted their population has improved. When they fight they use their gigantic mouths and hit and splash water.   

Writing Challenge – Literacy !

The Funniest Proposal !

On a fine day , after a baseball game an athletic girl named Leylah and her best friend Sophia decided to go to a luxurious restaurant to celebrate their world wide win . As they walked in , they were surprised to see a familiar but to Leylah , a repulsive face in the room . It was Sophias boyfriend Zac Moran , whom Leylah gets worried about because he gives her uncomfortable glances . They were confused to see a girl caked with makeup walk towards the table as if she knew him . Leylah and Sophia (her best friend) gave each other serious but confused looks , until they saw Zac bend down on to one knee with a shiny diamond ring , holding it towards the girl . Sophia froze with shock and without hesitation Leylah grabbed the bat , smashing and paralysing him .


DaEND ???

Reflection – Yr8 Camp

On the 26th of April , the year 8s had the privilege to go on camp in Henderson ( Carey Park) .

The yr 8s were put into 4 different groups , I was put in WESTSIDE .

My favourite part about camp was the concert because everyone was together having heaps of fun and being loud/crazy .

One thing I found challenging was crate stacking because you have to balance/focus really hard on what you’re doing .

There was nothing interesting that happened .

Writing Challenge #2 – Literacy

On a cosy night, I was peacefully walking through New York City. When suddenly a big shadow from on-top of a building was blocking the light. As I looked up, I was in shock to see an elegant gorilla wearing a bright and cute pink tutu. “ RUN, THAT GORILLA IS GOING TO ATTACK ! ’’ the man across the street said , running away . I was too relaxed to run, so I went to make friends with him. Later that evening, the gorilla and I had a delicious meal from one of the downtown food stores.