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Task Description ;

For this terms theme , it was ” Fit for purpose ” . We had to create a day in life of a boy or girls morning to night routine . I wasn’t able to finish or animate my little girl but i managed to create a bedroom and kitchen . Feel free to leave a positive comment !

VC Fomo – Response


Abbey: VC Fomo

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Emotional intelligence:

  • Recognising and managing own emotions
  • Recognising emotions of others through tone and body language, even in digital communication
  • Building trust in online relationships by being empathetic and understanding of others’ emotions and needs
  • Recognising when someone may be violating your trust online and taking steps to protect yourself
What happened in the story (brief summary).
In the story Abbey was being peer pressured by her friends to join the VC . But Abbey wasn’t getting enough sleep and staying on vc late at night , waking up with an attitude and sore eyes .
Can you relate to this problem in your life?
Yes , meaning I need to go sleep early and take breaks on my device .
What should Abbey do differently now?
Abbey should get more sleep and to lessen her time on VC . Not only does it affect herself , it affects her family and school life .
What did you learn from the story?
I learnt that FOMO isn’t always that serious.  Also  going on VC late at night and getting less than 9 hours of sleep  is a very unhealthy habit .







Task Description ;

Today I did Class on Air with my literacy teacher , Mr Moran . We were discussing the meaning behind ” Mind your Messages ” , it was about a girl who had FOMO and was always getting peer pressured . I hope you enjoyed , leave a positive comment !