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Informational Report Structure !

Informational Report – Hippopotamus

Introduction ;
Hippopotamuses are mammals, water and land animals. They have a herbivorous diet. They stay in herds and have one male leader. East African countries have some protected areas for hippos. 
Body para 1 ;
The third largest land animal on earth and native to Africa, the Hippopotamus. This mammal lives on water and land, they live in South Sarahan, Africa. They can stay underwater for five minutes. Hippos are mostly herbivorous and eat grass (about 35 kilograms) and fruits. Hippos have a large body, short legs, short tali, and a huge head. Hippos weigh 1,400kg – 4,500kg and their height is 10.8 and 16.5 feet. 
Body para 2 ;
Hippos are in groups with 10 – 30 individuals in it. It is called a herd or bloat. The leader of the herd is a dominant male leader. The rest are females with their younger hippos. Female hippos (who are called cows) give birth to baby hippos and gather up with other cows to protect their babies. They protect their babies and fight off the predators by splashing water and using their massive size as their advantage. 
Body para 3 ;
These hippos are not endangered yet but exposed to extinction. 115,000 – 130,000 hippos are still living in the wild. Due to their habitat loss and hunting, their population went down. Luckily the laws have been restricted and this helped the hippopotamus population.  They also live in protected areas in East African countries. 
Conclusion ;
Hippos aren’t endangered yet but vulnerable to extinction. 115,00 – 130,000 common hippos remain in the wild.  Due to habitat loss and hunting their population went down but since laws have been restricted their population has improved. When they fight they use their gigantic mouths and hit and splash water.   

Writing Challenge – Literacy !

The Funniest Proposal !

On a fine day , after a baseball game an athletic girl named Leylah and her best friend Sophia decided to go to a luxurious restaurant to celebrate their world wide win . As they walked in , they were surprised to see a familiar but to Leylah , a repulsive face in the room . It was Sophias boyfriend Zac Moran , whom Leylah gets worried about because he gives her uncomfortable glances . They were confused to see a girl caked with makeup walk towards the table as if she knew him . Leylah and Sophia (her best friend) gave each other serious but confused looks , until they saw Zac bend down on to one knee with a shiny diamond ring , holding it towards the girl . Sophia froze with shock and without hesitation Leylah grabbed the bat , smashing and paralysing him .


DaEND ???

SLW – Word Cloud

Task Description :

Talovalava , welcome back to my blog ! It’s Samoan Language Week & this week we’re learning how to say things in samoan : colours , animals , body parts , month , numbers and more ! For today’s task I had to create a Word Cloud , and added the topics on top . Hope you enjoyed it , have a good week ,  byeeee .

Free Writing – The Psychopathic Killer !

                     THE PSYCHOPATHIC KILLER


  • In the woods there is a mystery man. He stands in the dark alone. He isn’t that easy to see because there is no light in the woods.

Character description:

  • The mystery man’s name is Jeff and he’s 42 years old. He’s a lonely man that stalks people in the woods. He’s a psycho that killed his family. 


  • It was a dark night in the haunted woods, Friday the 13th, the day of the wild fire. Rumours say that over 30 people died during the incident, including his family but other rumours are also saying that the man (The Psychopathic Killer) let his family suffer, leaving them to burn. Somehow, he became the city’s dangerous person and that no-one should approach him. Everyone’s getting worried and are starting to lock themselves in their houses. If anyone takes a walk near/around the woods you will be able to hear him moving, if you do, make sure to run because he might hurt you. Nobody likes going to those woods anymore because it is too paranormal for them.