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Carrying it on – Response


Ruby, Olivia & Mia: Carrying it on

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Digital Citizenship:

  • Behaving responsibly online
  • Respecting others’ privacy
  • Promoting healthy and respectful online interactions.
  • Understanding the impact of words and actions on others
  • Being aware of legal and ethical implications of online behaviour
  • Taking responsibility for own online actions
  • Building and maintaining trust in online relationships by being honest, reliable, and respectful
  • Protecting the trust of others by respecting their privacy and not sharing sensitive information without their consent
What happened in the story (brief summary).
Ruby and Olivia were fighting because of the frustration they were going through . Mia ( the middle person ) wants to know what is going on between Ruby and Olivia , so she starts to get information from Ruby . She takes and sends screenshots to Olivia , making things worse . Olivia is scared to go back to school because she is scared that Ruby is going to do something to her .
Can you relate to this problem in your life?
I don’t think so …
What could 1 character have done differently?
One of them could’ve stopped this situation or have told their parents straight away . They also could’ve ignored it or stopped texting unkind messages . Also Mia shouldn’t have butted into someone else’s business and made their problem bigger / worse .
What did you learn from the story?
I learnt to not make any situation bigger or worse and to stop involving myself into other peoples business that I don’t belong in . 


Sri Lanka – Reserach Task ( Literacy )

Task Description ;

Today I completed my task about Sri Lanka . We are learning to Research about anything that we don’t know about . I learnt that Sri Lanka has a huge population of 22.16 million people ( WOWWW ) . I hope you learnt or enjoyed something about Sri Lanka , stay tuned !

North America – Literacy

North America has  a population of 579 million. It is made up of 23 different countries, including Mexico, Canada and America. It is the 3rd largest continent behind Africa and Asia. In this information report we will be discussing; History, Tourism and Sports.

Today we wrote an introduction as a class , we will now work on writing the main paragraphs . Stay tuned for more !

Informational Report Structure !

Informational Report – Hippopotamus

Introduction ;
Hippopotamuses are mammals, water and land animals. They have a herbivorous diet. They stay in herds and have one male leader. East African countries have some protected areas for hippos. 
Body para 1 ;
The third largest land animal on earth and native to Africa, the Hippopotamus. This mammal lives on water and land, they live in South Sarahan, Africa. They can stay underwater for five minutes. Hippos are mostly herbivorous and eat grass (about 35 kilograms) and fruits. Hippos have a large body, short legs, short tali, and a huge head. Hippos weigh 1,400kg – 4,500kg and their height is 10.8 and 16.5 feet. 
Body para 2 ;
Hippos are in groups with 10 – 30 individuals in it. It is called a herd or bloat. The leader of the herd is a dominant male leader. The rest are females with their younger hippos. Female hippos (who are called cows) give birth to baby hippos and gather up with other cows to protect their babies. They protect their babies and fight off the predators by splashing water and using their massive size as their advantage. 
Body para 3 ;
These hippos are not endangered yet but exposed to extinction. 115,000 – 130,000 hippos are still living in the wild. Due to their habitat loss and hunting, their population went down. Luckily the laws have been restricted and this helped the hippopotamus population.  They also live in protected areas in East African countries. 
Conclusion ;
Hippos aren’t endangered yet but vulnerable to extinction. 115,00 – 130,000 common hippos remain in the wild.  Due to habitat loss and hunting their population went down but since laws have been restricted their population has improved. When they fight they use their gigantic mouths and hit and splash water.