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Writing Challenge – Literacy !

For this writing challenge , we have to write the BEST six sentences based on three images and we had to use the three main key words .

Not long after my alarm went off , there was breaking news about an elderly man named Mr Wiseman . He and his grandchildren were interviewed about how they lived , their video ended up on TikTok and it went viral . They were all shocked at how many kids there were , there were 14 kids living with him . Many people were satisfied with this video , that someone decided to put them on GoFundMe to support them with bills , food , clothes and many more . Millions of people viewed and liked it , they were always known as the FAMOUS-FIFTEEN !  

GM4GM Screenshots

In our meets, we have Miss Hall & Mr Wiseman. They take care of us – the children that are isolating with google meets. On our first two gm’s we had the teachers, Jacob, Karoline, Lincoln, Gabriella, Kellet, Jezer and myself. On our second two gm’s we had Finau, Vaha, Karoline, Lynch, Paulah and Myself as well. We had fun during our meets because yesterday Miss Hall gave us a cool quiz and today Mr Wiseman gave us a times tables challenge: we had to find a times table to learn, we needed to learn/remember the answers and we could only get 2 wrong. Mr Wiseman decided that we should be rewarded with a chocolate bar (when we return back to school, after our isolation).

Literacy Meet: 9:30 – Monday

Maths Meet: 11:30 – Monday

Maths Meet: 9:30 – Tuesday (Today)

Literacy Meet: 10:15 – Tuesday (Today)