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  1. In which country did Billy live? 
  • Australia
  1. What word in the story tells us that Billy lived alone?
  • Alone
  1. What was Billy’s cart made from?
  • Wood
  1. Tommy did not like to work in his garden. True OR False?
  • TRUE
  1. What word tells us that the path to Tommy’s house was not smooth?
  • Old brick house
  1. How did Billy know if Tommy was home?
  • He would look down the chimney 
  1. This story took place about (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60) years ago? 
  • 60
  1. How many times would Billy go to Piperidge with wood in a month?
  • once a week
  1. Why couldn’t Billy take his horse and cart to Tommy’s house?
  • Bridge was way too narrow 
  1. Which word tells us that Billy lived close to the town of Piperidge’â
  •  Nearby town

For today’s task we read a book named “Old Billy” and answer some questions. I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to leave a positive comment.

VC Fomo – Response


Abbey: VC Fomo

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Emotional intelligence:

  • Recognising and managing own emotions
  • Recognising emotions of others through tone and body language, even in digital communication
  • Building trust in online relationships by being empathetic and understanding of others’ emotions and needs
  • Recognising when someone may be violating your trust online and taking steps to protect yourself
What happened in the story (brief summary).
In the story Abbey was being peer pressured by her friends to join the VC . But Abbey wasn’t getting enough sleep and staying on vc late at night , waking up with an attitude and sore eyes .
Can you relate to this problem in your life?
Yes , meaning I need to go sleep early and take breaks on my device .
What should Abbey do differently now?
Abbey should get more sleep and to lessen her time on VC . Not only does it affect herself , it affects her family and school life .
What did you learn from the story?
I learnt that FOMO isn’t always that serious.  Also  going on VC late at night and getting less than 9 hours of sleep  is a very unhealthy habit .







Task Description ;

Today I did Class on Air with my literacy teacher , Mr Moran . We were discussing the meaning behind ” Mind your Messages ” , it was about a girl who had FOMO and was always getting peer pressured . I hope you enjoyed , leave a positive comment !

Speech Reflection !

What part did I enjoy ;

I enjoyed the way my literacy class had focused on what my speech was about . Another thing I enjoyed was getting many different compliments from friends about my speech !

When was I feeling nervous ;

At first I was nervous but I still had faith in myself and overcame my fear of saying my speech in front of my classmates .

Overall Reflection of my experience doing a speech ;

My favourite reflection from saying my speech was , just getting it over and done with . I think I did well and so does my friends , I’ll slowly carry on / practising my speech off by heart .


My Speech – Literacy

Should schools have longer breaks ?

Have you been working at school all day and wanted a break but only got 20- 30 mins ? Well today I will be talking about why students should have longer breaks and why it is very important. As someone who has been through school, I believe lunch breaks are often rushed and stressful. With only a short amount of time to eat, students are forced to quickly eat their food and rush back to class, leaving them feeling unsatisfied and distracted. This is why I believe that school lunch breaks should be longer.

Having longer breaks helps students learn better and can clear their minds for a better understanding in the next class. Recess helps kids relax , physical education helps to release frustration and anxiety. It  plays a very important role in improving mental health by providing physical activities, time with friends and a mental break. 

How does having longer lunches help?

Longer lunches help refresh our brains more. If you’re focused on tasks all day while sitting at your desk while looking at your screen, it can be beneficial to spend time outdoors. The fresh air can boost your energy levels and clear your mind. Even sitting outside while you eat or going for a walk around school. It helps because we can get fresh air, exercise, and get our blood flowing.  This can also help provide energy and nutrients to keep the body and brain working efficiently through the afternoon which is good to help throughout the day, doing school work.

 Plus, longer lunch periods would give us a break from all the stress and pressure from school. We could relax and recharge for the rest of the day and that would probably make us more productive in class too. Longer lunch breaks give us more time and less stress to limit how fast we eat. Instead of having to eat quickly, having longer lunch breaks gives us less chance of choking or not being able to digest our food properly. Short lunch breaks also encourage kids to eat quickly. Eating quickly is unhealthy. Kids feel rushed and either eat more than they should or don’t eat enough. I think if we had longer lunch periods, we could actually enjoy our food and have time to socialize with our peers. We need time to bond with our friends and form relationships with our classmates.

In conclusion, longer school lunch breaks would be a win-win for everyone involved. Students would have more time to relax, take time when eating nutritious meals, and participate in many different activities, while teachers would have more time to prepare for their lessons and take a break themselves. I urge schools to consider extending lunch breaks for the benefit of everyone involved.

Carrying it on – Response


Ruby, Olivia & Mia: Carrying it on

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Digital Citizenship:

  • Behaving responsibly online
  • Respecting others’ privacy
  • Promoting healthy and respectful online interactions.
  • Understanding the impact of words and actions on others
  • Being aware of legal and ethical implications of online behaviour
  • Taking responsibility for own online actions
  • Building and maintaining trust in online relationships by being honest, reliable, and respectful
  • Protecting the trust of others by respecting their privacy and not sharing sensitive information without their consent
What happened in the story (brief summary).
Ruby and Olivia were fighting because of the frustration they were going through . Mia ( the middle person ) wants to know what is going on between Ruby and Olivia , so she starts to get information from Ruby . She takes and sends screenshots to Olivia , making things worse . Olivia is scared to go back to school because she is scared that Ruby is going to do something to her .
Can you relate to this problem in your life?
I don’t think so …
What could 1 character have done differently?
One of them could’ve stopped this situation or have told their parents straight away . They also could’ve ignored it or stopped texting unkind messages . Also Mia shouldn’t have butted into someone else’s business and made their problem bigger / worse .
What did you learn from the story?
I learnt to not make any situation bigger or worse and to stop involving myself into other peoples business that I don’t belong in .