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Descriptive Writing – Taste

This morning we had a fun game , it was all about tasting & being descriptive about it . My partner was Amira so we had to take turns . I went first so I had to try the mystery lolly first , I put my blindfold on and tried it . IT WAS SO SOUR , whoever created these lollies is insane , I’M PRETTY SURE THERE’S A LOT OF CITRIC ACID (SOUR) ! In my mouth it was personally disgusting but then the flavour started to turn into a sweet flavour . I literally couldn’t taste anything when I finished it , my mouth went numb . I honestly recommend not trying it but if you’re someone that loves sour , give it a try ! The moment you put it into your mouth , it instantly tastes so sour and you won’t feel your mouth . After tasting it , I now know to NEVER eat that EVER again and to next time toughen up LOL ! 

You’re the teacher – Maths (Fractions)

Task Description :

This is my task for today , we’re the teacher (creating the fractions for a friend ) and it’s all about fractions. Hope you enjoy or learn something cool/amazing about it . Have a good day , god bless and please leave a positive comment if you can !

Tesi Niu (Rugby League Player)

Task Description :

This is my free writing , our topic was to pick a famous person and research about them . I chose Tesi Niu because he’s my cousin & he’s my idol (I want to be a League player) . I hope you enjoy and learn something about Tesi Niu , have a good day . Please leave a comment !

Fraction of a set 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8 !

Task Description :

For today’s task we are learning about fractions and problem solving. This is my research presentation about it & I hope you enjoy it , learn something from it & have a good day. Feel free to leave a positive comment !


Free Writing – The Psychopathic Killer !

                     THE PSYCHOPATHIC KILLER


  • In the woods there is a mystery man. He stands in the dark alone. He isn’t that easy to see because there is no light in the woods.

Character description:

  • The mystery man’s name is Jeff and he’s 42 years old. He’s a lonely man that stalks people in the woods. He’s a psycho that killed his family. 


  • It was a dark night in the haunted woods, Friday the 13th, the day of the wild fire. Rumours say that over 30 people died during the incident, including his family but other rumours are also saying that the man (The Psychopathic Killer) let his family suffer, leaving them to burn. Somehow, he became the city’s dangerous person and that no-one should approach him. Everyone’s getting worried and are starting to lock themselves in their houses. If anyone takes a walk near/around the woods you will be able to hear him moving, if you do, make sure to run because he might hurt you. Nobody likes going to those woods anymore because it is too paranormal for them. 

1.1 Kei te pehea koe?

This is a slide presentation we did during rotations while the yr 8’s were in Tech. We were with Miss Tipene for Te Reo Maori. We were learning how to ask “Kei te pehea koe ?” & answer about how we feel. I hope you enjoyed my task and please leave a positive comment.


GM4GM Screenshots

In our meets, we have Miss Hall & Mr Wiseman. They take care of us – the children that are isolating with google meets. On our first two gm’s we had the teachers, Jacob, Karoline, Lincoln, Gabriella, Kellet, Jezer and myself. On our second two gm’s we had Finau, Vaha, Karoline, Lynch, Paulah and Myself as well. We had fun during our meets because yesterday Miss Hall gave us a cool quiz and today Mr Wiseman gave us a times tables challenge: we had to find a times table to learn, we needed to learn/remember the answers and we could only get 2 wrong. Mr Wiseman decided that we should be rewarded with a chocolate bar (when we return back to school, after our isolation).

Literacy Meet: 9:30 – Monday

Maths Meet: 11:30 – Monday

Maths Meet: 9:30 – Tuesday (Today)

Literacy Meet: 10:15 – Tuesday (Today)