Narrative – Writing Test

The Shipwreck – by Emeline 🙂

( Its kinda like anzac but a different way )

Introduction :

A whole group of people went fishing one afternoon so they could feed their very poor village. They went in an old , big boat . They gathered up old fishing rods , old nets , old but warm clothes , old buckets for the fish . 

Problem & Solution :

They noticed a hole in the floor , the boat was filling up with water . They didn’t bring anything that could block the hole  . It was a stormy night so the boat was filling up higher than they expected .

Writing :

The village was very poor , they wore the same clothes everyday & could only eat 3 times a week (eats once a day , that’s it) . One afternoon , all the men gathered together and decided to go fishing . They gathered all the things they needed and set off with their big old/rusty boat . The men took hours & hours fishing , their children and wives were very worried . They were out till full moon , until one of the men noticed that the boat was filling up with water .  Then it started raining , the men did everything they could but the ship started sinking . Most of the men drowned & the others were badly injured because the ship flipped upside down . The next day , all the women went by the beach , saw their bodies and bits of the boat . They all cried and prayed that the men would make it , one by one they did CPR on their husbands . A few of them made it , their wives were very sad , especially their children . From that day forward no-one was allowed to fish .

Conclusion :

A few men were saved but badly injured , it was very depressing for those who lost their loved ones . In the end , they should’ve just gone hunting in the wild instead of fishing ! 

SLW – Word Cloud

Task Description :

Talovalava , welcome back to my blog ! It’s Samoan Language Week & this week we’re learning how to say things in samoan : colours , animals , body parts , month , numbers and more ! For today’s task I had to create a Word Cloud , and added the topics on top . Hope you enjoyed it , have a good week ,  byeeee .

Te Reo Maori – Tech (Mr Wade)

(PAGE 1 – TASK 1)

Te Reo Maori – Tech W/ Mr Wade  

We are Learning how to introduce ourselves and family.


Learn/Practice Karakia (Maori Version) :

Heuea Nga Rangi Tuatinitini , Heuea Nga Rangi Pokaikaha , Kia Maiangi Ake Te Hautupua , Tau Tonu , Mau Tonu , AKINA !!!

Learn/Practice Karakia (English Version) :

Remove Self Doubt and Anxiety , That Your Talent May Shine , Settled , Ready, To Be CHALLENGED !!!


(PAGE 2 – TASK 2)

You Are Going To A Special Event With Some Family , You Have To Introduce Them . Translate afterwards in English to Maori .

English Version :

Tena Koutou Katoa. My name Is Emeline And This Is my Mum , Dad , Sisters , Brother , Nena And Papa . We Are So Pleased To Attend Your Waitangi Celebration . My Family And I Enjoyed Your Delicious Food . 

Maori Version :

Tena Koutou Katoa. Ko Emeline Toku Ingoa , Ko Toku Mama , Papa , Tuahine , Tungane , Nena Raua Ko Papa . Kei Te Harikoa Matou Ki Te Haere Ki To Hui Whakanui I Waitangi. I Parekareka Maku Me Taku Whanau I To Kai Kai reka .

Step Up Days – Leadership Rolls

Once a year the year 8’s go out on a leadership camp, to become better at following the three P’s partnership, participation and protection and communication. The amazing year 7 starts there step up days, which means we lead the school well the year 8’s are away learning and also become better at following the three P’s, like the year 8’s. And I’m going to talk about my two favourite things we did together as a team.
My first favourite thing we did probably was the silhouette art that my team, the Mighty Kiwis, did with Mrs Ilaoa. My reason for this is because I do a lot of painting and art at home, so it was very relaxing and fun. Another reason is because I was in a group with my friends so that just made it better.
My second favourite thing we did is going to be the movie that the teachers play in our movie theatre aka the street. My cause for this is because all the year 7’s were coming together and having fun. Also because our lovely teachers got us all popcorn with lollies at the bottom of the container.
So thank you so much for the food, amazing activities, and more. To repay your love and care for us for those days, the year 7’s promise them to carry what we learned together in those three days throughout the rest of our lives, to show support to everyone even if you don’t know them.


Free Writing – The Psychopathic Killer !

                     THE PSYCHOPATHIC KILLER


  • In the woods there is a mystery man. He stands in the dark alone. He isn’t that easy to see because there is no light in the woods.

Character description:

  • The mystery man’s name is Jeff and he’s 42 years old. He’s a lonely man that stalks people in the woods. He’s a psycho that killed his family. 


  • It was a dark night in the haunted woods, Friday the 13th, the day of the wild fire. Rumours say that over 30 people died during the incident, including his family but other rumours are also saying that the man (The Psychopathic Killer) let his family suffer, leaving them to burn. Somehow, he became the city’s dangerous person and that no-one should approach him. Everyone’s getting worried and are starting to lock themselves in their houses. If anyone takes a walk near/around the woods you will be able to hear him moving, if you do, make sure to run because he might hurt you. Nobody likes going to those woods anymore because it is too paranormal for them. 

Narrative Writing Activity W2 – Term 2


Elena is a smart, beautiful and happy princess. She loves everyone and everyone loves her.She goes to an excellent school. Her friends are Liana, Emily and Evelyn. She does good in school and makes friends instantly, at home she respects her elders and does what she’s told.

One lovely sunny morning the four girls are taking their usual route to school ,and out of nowhere a really bad man that is known for stealing people’s valuables appears in front of the four girls. They are frightened. Elena then asks him what he wants and he replies by telling them to give him their valuables and just as Liana,Emily and Evelyn were about to take their valuables Elena told them to stop and that she wasn’t scared of him. With a smirk on his face he took out a knife from his pocket and said “ give me your valuables or I will KILL you. Elena got in his face and said looks like you’re gonna have to kill me because I would die before letting you take my things. Scared of his consequences if he kills the princess he runs away and says this isn’t over. I will be back. Getting to school Elena and her friends did get in trouble for being late but then got to their work while talking about what that thief meant when he said that it was OVER and he was coming BACK. Her friends were concerned for her safety so when they were about to depart for school as the girls just picked Elena up from school they decided that they were going to walk her home as well so she would be safe and nothing would happen to her.They tried to catch up to Elena but when they got to her house assuming she was safe and just ran home because of the man they saw on there way to school they knocked on the door expecting Elena to and answer but instead they were answered by the house butler and were shocked when he asked if Elena was with them. They then started freaking out and wondering where she could be then they remembered that the thief told them. They went back to where they remember getting stopped by the man and soon realised that she could just be with the ogre she always talks about to her friends.They then went to where Elena said she would be if she wasn’t at home after school and they went there so they gave the ogre a visit and he then told them that she was there a minute ago and would probably be heading home now but they told the ogre that they just came from her house and he told then that she likes to take a short cut so they went to her house and she was indeed there and safe.

In conclusion Elena was safe the thief came back but Elena had a plan and had him captured and he spent a long time in jail and everyone got their stuff back.