Reflection – Yr8 Camp

On the 26th of April , the year 8s had the privilege to go on camp in Henderson ( Carey Park) .

The yr 8s were put into 4 different groups , I was put in WESTSIDE .

My favourite part about camp was the concert because everyone was together having heaps of fun and being loud/crazy .

One thing I found challenging was crate stacking because you have to balance/focus really hard on what you’re doing .

There was nothing interesting that happened .

Writing Challenge #2 – Literacy

On a cosy night, I was peacefully walking through New York City. When suddenly a big shadow from on-top of a building was blocking the light. As I looked up, I was in shock to see an elegant gorilla wearing a bright and cute pink tutu. “ RUN, THAT GORILLA IS GOING TO ATTACK ! ’’ the man across the street said , running away . I was too relaxed to run, so I went to make friends with him. Later that evening, the gorilla and I had a delicious meal from one of the downtown food stores.