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Willow Park – Recap

Yesterday team 5 went to Willow Park. It was our first fun day this term. We had a meeting in the front of the main building, we talked about the things we were allowed to do and the things we weren’t meant to do. Mr Wiseman gave us 30/45 minutes to have free time. There was a mini park, 3 trampolines, a big field. In the Rec centre we had Volleyball and Basketball. Just across the road was the beach, after our morning tea, we all went swimming, playing in the sand, sleeping, and even chasing each other. But when we went swimming we played tag and tackled each other of the floaty.

My highlight of the day was everything, I didn’t really favour one thing because it was meant to be ‘a fun day‘. I really enjoyed having free time with my friends, especially talking, laughing, and playing. To be honest it was my favourite day of the year so far…..I really enjoyed this trip and I would be happy to go there again. I had so much fun jumping on the tramp, and playing volleyball with everyone.

Something I would do next time is probably walk more and explore the area. It was a big and beautiful camp site with lots of thing/activities to do.

Something I was grateful for was the food they provided for us. The food was very yum and delicious. They gave us morning tea and lunch. Morning tea was a small savoury pastry. Lunch (what I had) was a sweet/brownie, hot dog, and potato with dressing. I enjoyed the lunch.

Our next fun day should be at Swim A Rama Lagoon Pools. I’ve been there before and I had so much fun with family and friends. There is this huge slide that is very dark and this fun rocket obstacle course.

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1.1 Kei te pehea koe?

This is a slide presentation we did during rotations while the yr 8’s were in Tech. We were with Miss Tipene for Te Reo Maori. We were learning how to ask “Kei te pehea koe ?” & answer about how we feel. I hope you enjoyed my task and please leave a positive comment.


The Serial Killer

This is Jeff but he is known as “The Serial Killer”. Every night children are missing, they’ve been kidnapped and then killed. He had a family, a wife and his 3 yr old daughter. He has been hiding this for 4 years but when his Wife found out about it, he decided to kill his innocent family, he is now living alone. He is a person that you don’t want to mess with. He isolates during the day, and at night you have to keep an eye out for your children, they’ll disappear within days and turn up dead on their porch.

Dot Plot – W8

Last weeks learning we did maths. This take was a class take, this was easy and all but was different to how we have been learning in team 5, I hope you can learn form this. This is an easy ways to do your learning. I hope you enjoy and pleas leave a positive comment, thank you for coming on my blog.