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Writing Challenge – Literacy !

For this writing challenge , we have to write the BEST six sentences based on three images and we had to use the three main key words .

Not long after my alarm went off , there was breaking news about an elderly man named Mr Wiseman . He and his grandchildren were interviewed about how they lived , their video ended up on TikTok and it went viral . They were all shocked at how many kids there were , there were 14 kids living with him . Many people were satisfied with this video , that someone decided to put them on GoFundMe to support them with bills , food , clothes and many more . Millions of people viewed and liked it , they were always known as the FAMOUS-FIFTEEN !  

WRITING ESSAY – Auckland City !

Auckland is the greatest city in the world !

Planning ;

3 main ideas ;
Martha’s Backyard
Rainbows End

Auckland , the best city in the world . Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand , with a population of 1.8 million . Martha’s backyard is where they sell American products/food . Rainbows End is a theme park in Auckland that attracts lots of attention from tourists . The Warriors reached the grand final twice in 2002 and 2011 , they were formed in 1995 .

Explaination Writing !

What is Rugby League ?

Rugby league is commonly known as just rugby league or sometimes called football . It is a full-contact sport played by two teams of thirteen players on a rectangular field , measuring 68 metres wide and 112–122 metres long with H shaped posts at both ends . Rugby League is a sport that everyone loves , it is also a contact sport . While handling the ball and hacking set rugby apart from association football (soccer) in the early days of the sport, further rule changes served to cement the distinctive character of rugby. 

Most significantly, rugby rules enforced an offside rule that required all players in open play to remain behind the ball. The game is perceived as being somewhat rough; whereas in American and Canadian gridiron football, players wear padding and protection to guard against injury from contact made with other players, in rugby the wearing of most types of padding and helmets is either looked down upon or illegal.

About Me !

Malo e Lelei & Talofa Lava , my name is Emeline and I am a year 8 student at Point England School . I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the House Captains for 2023 . My home class and maths teacher is Mr Wiseman . My literacy teacher is Mr Moran . Unfortunately this is my last year at Pt England School . I come from a lovely family of 8 which consists of my parents , my 3 siblings who also attend Pt England and my 2 little sisters . I enjoy spending quality time with my family & Friends . We do all sorts of activities together but my favourite of all is going to the beach . A few of my hobbies include playing heaps of different sports , attending church , exploring and learning something new. I enjoy eating sushi , it’s my favourite food . My favourite colours are blue, and cream . When I grow I want to become a rugby league player or a lawyer . They are both amazing dreams I want to achieve . My nationality is Tongan & Samoan . My goal this year is to be a good student/girl and focus on my learning . I love to learn and push myself to a high standard . I hope you enjoy visiting my blog . Feel free to leave a positive comment !!!

About Me

Malo e Lelei, Talofa Lava, my name is Emeline and I am a yr 8 at Point England School. This year, my home/maths teacher is Mr Wiseman (Rm 3) and my literacy teacher is Mr Moran (Rm 1). I’m 12 and my favourite subject is Maths because I love to solve hard problems and try my best at remembering my Times Tables. I have a family of seven including myself, my parents, my 3 sisters (Eve 10, Elena 7, Elyse 1) and my brother (Patrick 11).