Sri Lanka – Reserach Task ( Literacy )

Task Description ;

Today I completed my task about Sri Lanka . We are learning to Research about anything that we don’t know about . I learnt that Sri Lanka has a huge population of 22.16 million people ( WOWWW ) . I hope you learnt or enjoyed something about Sri Lanka , stay tuned !

7 thoughts on “Sri Lanka – Reserach Task ( Literacy )

  1. Hi Emeline !
    Wow, your creation looks very detailed! I know nothing about this country, Impressive. Keep up the good work Emeline !


    1. Hi Tumoe !

      Thank you for your thoughtful and kind comment . I also enjoyed looking at your research task about Tuvalu !

  2. hi Emeline i likened your blog about Sri Lanka it was really interesting i also liked the background. Are there any more countries you know? i would like to see more

  3. Hi Emeline

    I liked your task about Sri Lanka. It was really interesting, I also liked the background. Are there any other countries you know about ? I would like to see more.

    From; Atelea

  4. Hi Emeline

    I really enjoyed reading your task about Sri Lanka. It was interesting that you did a country you didn’t know about. Which country will you do next ? I Hope to see you learning about more countries.

    From : Marzuli

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