Month: March 2023

Writing Challenge #2 – Literacy

On a cosy night, I was peacefully walking through New York City. When suddenly a big shadow from on-top of a building was blocking the light. As I looked up, I was in shock to see an elegant gorilla wearing a bright and cute pink tutu. “ RUN, THAT GORILLA IS GOING TO ATTACK ! ’’ the man across the street said , running away . I was too relaxed to run, so I went to make friends with him. Later that evening, the gorilla and I had a delicious meal from one of the downtown food stores.



Writing Challenge – Literacy !

For this writing challenge , we have to write the BEST six sentences based on three images and we had to use the three main key words .

Not long after my alarm went off , there was breaking news about an elderly man named Mr Wiseman . He and his grandchildren were interviewed about how they lived , their video ended up on TikTok and it went viral . They were all shocked at how many kids there were , there were 14 kids living with him . Many people were satisfied with this video , that someone decided to put them on GoFundMe to support them with bills , food , clothes and many more . Millions of people viewed and liked it , they were always known as the FAMOUS-FIFTEEN !  

WRITING ESSAY – Auckland City !

Auckland is the greatest city in the world !

Planning ;

3 main ideas ;
Martha’s Backyard
Rainbows End

Auckland , the best city in the world . Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand , with a population of 1.8 million . Martha’s backyard is where they sell American products/food . Rainbows End is a theme park in Auckland that attracts lots of attention from tourists . The Warriors reached the grand final twice in 2002 and 2011 , they were formed in 1995 .