Day: May 27, 2022

Te Reo Maori – Tech (Mr Wade)

(PAGE 1 – TASK 1)

Te Reo Maori – Tech W/ Mr Wade  

We are Learning how to introduce ourselves and family.


Learn/Practice Karakia (Maori Version) :

Heuea Nga Rangi Tuatinitini , Heuea Nga Rangi Pokaikaha , Kia Maiangi Ake Te Hautupua , Tau Tonu , Mau Tonu , AKINA !!!

Learn/Practice Karakia (English Version) :

Remove Self Doubt and Anxiety , That Your Talent May Shine , Settled , Ready, To Be CHALLENGED !!!


(PAGE 2 – TASK 2)

You Are Going To A Special Event With Some Family , You Have To Introduce Them . Translate afterwards in English to Maori .

English Version :

Tena Koutou Katoa. My name Is Emeline And This Is my Mum , Dad , Sisters , Brother , Nena And Papa . We Are So Pleased To Attend Your Waitangi Celebration . My Family And I Enjoyed Your Delicious Food . 

Maori Version :

Tena Koutou Katoa. Ko Emeline Toku Ingoa , Ko Toku Mama , Papa , Tuahine , Tungane , Nena Raua Ko Papa . Kei Te Harikoa Matou Ki Te Haere Ki To Hui Whakanui I Waitangi. I Parekareka Maku Me Taku Whanau I To Kai Kai reka .

Step Up Days – Leadership Rolls

Once a year the year 8’s go out on a leadership camp, to become better at following the three P’s partnership, participation and protection and communication. The amazing year 7 starts there step up days, which means we lead the school well the year 8’s are away learning and also become better at following the three P’s, like the year 8’s. And I’m going to talk about my two favourite things we did together as a team.
My first favourite thing we did probably was the silhouette art that my team, the Mighty Kiwis, did with Mrs Ilaoa. My reason for this is because I do a lot of painting and art at home, so it was very relaxing and fun. Another reason is because I was in a group with my friends so that just made it better.
My second favourite thing we did is going to be the movie that the teachers play in our movie theatre aka the street. My cause for this is because all the year 7’s were coming together and having fun. Also because our lovely teachers got us all popcorn with lollies at the bottom of the container.
So thank you so much for the food, amazing activities, and more. To repay your love and care for us for those days, the year 7’s promise them to carry what we learned together in those three days throughout the rest of our lives, to show support to everyone even if you don’t know them.