How my Life is different to the children in Russia !!

This week we watched a documentary about how some children live in Nepal and Russia. The documentary highlighted the challenges that some of these children face just to get to school.

In Russia the children had to wake up at 6:00 am in the morning & do there chores, milk the cows, help get each other get dressed and more. They had to put about 4 layers of clothing on them to keep them warm. They had to put heaps of clothes on because in Russia where they lived, was freezing cold & they had to keep close to each other. When they left, they walked it took 2 hours to get to there destination, they had to wait for the bus. If the bus doesn’t come then that means they have to go back home.

This is very different from my life here in New Zealand. For me I wake up & look after my baby sister while my mum gets ready for work and get the others up. After looking after my sister, I go get changed and brush/wash my teeth/face and then do my hair. After that I go make my lunch, and walk straight to school.

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