Explanation Essay – My Dream Home !!



01: A Working space
02: A not so big bedroom w/ a sliding door
03: A movie theater w/ seats, a big screen & snacks
04: An aesthetic gaming room w/ fun games to do
05: Nice outdoor balcony/deck
06: A big pool

Owning a house would be fun, right ? You get to do whatever you’d like and invite friends and family members over. My house of course would be a 2 story house with 4, different rooms. But anyways this is my dream house…..

First is my bedroom, I would want my bedroom to be upstairs so I can see who’s driving to my house, and feel the cool breeze coming from the sliding door. Second is my working space, I need it to do my work and where I need privacy or silence, this room would be filled with books, paper work, a desk, a chair, and some decorations. Third would definitely be my Movie room, I would need to use this room for guests and myself, I would keep a cupboard full of snacks, theater seats, and a BIG screen for everyone to watch the movie. I would also put Led lights and decorations in there to make it look like an actual movie theater.

Fourth would be a Gaming room, I would play games with my family/friends, There would be games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, Ufc, and many more. This room would be the biggest so this room would be downstairs, I would probably put board games, and maybe a few snacks lol. Fifth would be my outdoor balcony/deck, I would put outdoor chairs, lights, plants and I would mainly go on the deck to just relax and hang out with my friends. Lastly my Pool, it would be big so EVERYONE can swim and have fun. I would make sure to keep floaties for the little kids to sit on and fun activities to do aka having races and more !!


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