Month: February 2022

How my Life is different to the children in Russia !!

This week we watched a documentary about how some children live in Nepal and Russia. The documentary highlighted the challenges that some of these children face just to get to school.

In Russia the children had to wake up at 6:00 am in the morning & do there chores, milk the cows, help get each other get dressed and more. They had to put about 4 layers of clothing on them to keep them warm. They had to put heaps of clothes on because in Russia where they lived, was freezing cold & they had to keep close to each other. When they left, they walked it took 2 hours to get to there destination, they had to wait for the bus. If the bus doesn’t come then that means they have to go back home.

This is very different from my life here in New Zealand. For me I wake up & look after my baby sister while my mum gets ready for work and get the others up. After looking after my sister, I go get changed and brush/wash my teeth/face and then do my hair. After that I go make my lunch, and walk straight to school.

Glen Innes Production !!

Glen Innes is the best community in NZ !!

Glen Innes, wonderful community. It is a suburb in East Auckland, New Zealand, located nine kilometres to the east of the city centre, close to the waters of the Tamaki River estuary. It has a population of 8,873. Glen Innes has positty that spreads everywhere and is infectious to everyone around. Glen Innes has amazing artworks on walls such as the Auckland Art Gallery, Toi o Tāmaki. Family friendly and fun community events that are celebrated in GI.

Explanation Essay – My Dream Home !!



01: A Working space
02: A not so big bedroom w/ a sliding door
03: A movie theater w/ seats, a big screen & snacks
04: An aesthetic gaming room w/ fun games to do
05: Nice outdoor balcony/deck
06: A big pool

Owning a house would be fun, right ? You get to do whatever you’d like and invite friends and family members over. My house of course would be a 2 story house with 4, different rooms. But anyways this is my dream house…..

First is my bedroom, I would want my bedroom to be upstairs so I can see who’s driving to my house, and feel the cool breeze coming from the sliding door. Second is my working space, I need it to do my work and where I need privacy or silence, this room would be filled with books, paper work, a desk, a chair, and some decorations. Third would definitely be my Movie room, I would need to use this room for guests and myself, I would keep a cupboard full of snacks, theater seats, and a BIG screen for everyone to watch the movie. I would also put Led lights and decorations in there to make it look like an actual movie theater.

Fourth would be a Gaming room, I would play games with my family/friends, There would be games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, Ufc, and many more. This room would be the biggest so this room would be downstairs, I would probably put board games, and maybe a few snacks lol. Fifth would be my outdoor balcony/deck, I would put outdoor chairs, lights, plants and I would mainly go on the deck to just relax and hang out with my friends. Lastly my Pool, it would be big so EVERYONE can swim and have fun. I would make sure to keep floaties for the little kids to sit on and fun activities to do aka having races and more !!


Queens Celebrates 70 Years on the Throne !! – Kiwi Kids News Summary

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Queen Elizabeth marked 70 years on the British throne on Sunday.

She becomes the first Queen to reign in Europe for that long in over 1000 years.

The 95-year-old became the queen of Britain and more than a dozen other realms including Canada, Australia and New Zealand on the death of her father King George VI on 6 February 1952. This happened while she was in Kenya on an International tour.

Queen Elizabeth will mark ‘Accession Day’ in private. However, there will be four days of national events to mark her Platinum Jubilee in June.

Buckingham Palace on Friday released footage ahead of Sunday’s landmark, showing her viewing items from previous royal jubilees, such as a fan given to her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria to mark her 50th year on the throne in 1887, signed by family, friends and politicians.

Tik Tok Famous !!

Mr Goodwin wanted to go on a vacation, so he decided to go to Samoa. He saw so many tropical things that he loved. He started taking photos and videos to show his friends and family. Mr Goodwin saw a bunch of people and asked “Do y’all wanna do a sour challenge on Tik Tok with me ?” He gave each of them half a lime/lemon, and they completed it. He was so exuberant that he already wanted to make the Tik Tok The next day Mr Goodwin somehow came tiktok famous, it got 2.2 billion views/likes, 120.1 million followers, he is known as the “SOUR KING”, his last video, he made a HUGE sour drink.